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If you’re looking for 10 funny Dallas Cowboys memes, you’ve come to the right place.
Let’s face it. If you browse the internet, you’re a memer. There’s no escaping the modern meme, they travel faster than CeeDee Lamb can run the 40-yard dash, but if we’re being honest with ourselves, there isn’t much better on the web than some funny Dallas Cowboy memes.
We thought it would be good to collect some of the best, most funny Cowboys memes in circulation and that’s what we’ve done below.
Here are the top 10 funniest Dallas Cowboys memes on the internet.
Brutal. This desperate Dallas Cowboys fan couldn’t even give his tickets away. While in actuality this would never happen as even non-Cowboys fans would leap at the opportunity for free tickets, it’s still comical. Good Cowboys fan meme.
Ezekiel Elliott has set himself up to be featured in funny Dallas Cowboys memes for the foreseeable future. We don’t know why the All-Pro running back leaves his mid-section exposed as such but to each their own. If Zeke could consistently average nine yards per carry, the guy can do whatever he wants as far as we’re concerned. But thankfully we’re not his parents.
Ouch. We always wondered where all the other stars were. Someone seems to have cracked the case. Credit to them for uncovering the bigger picture.
This is another one of those funny Dallas Cowboys memes that are sad but true. The one they call “America’s Team” has just two playoff victories in the past 20 years, both coming in the Wild Card Round. Jerry Jones probably isn’t thrilled with the results but the 2021-22 team has as good a chance as any to pump their numbers up.
One of the best funny Dallas Cowboys memes out there actually includes some great detail contained onto a Doritos bag. Not only did they include three integral figures to the Cowboys, but they also incorporated part of one of the all-time great memes, with the crying Michael Jordan face. It’s a masterpiece.
That’s just harsh, yet hilarious. No, Cowboys fans didn’t have to watch their last Super Bowl victory in black and white, but you probably could have fooled some. After all, it’s been almost 30 years since they reached the game’s biggest stage. Black and white televisions mostly haven’t been used since the 80s. They’re off by a bit, but we still found it comical.
Those department store mirrors are always so misleading, aren’t they? That’s the only explanation for Zeke here. It’s hard to argue who wore it better. My vote is on the left.
Yeah, Jason Garrett is long gone from the Cowboys by now, but their recent success now without him just makes this meme better. For what it’s worth, Garrett couldn’t last as the offensive coordinator on the Giants either.
LOL. In fairness, the Cowboys face favorable odds to get back to their first Super Bowl appearance since 1995. But all it takes is one L and this cat won’t be wrong.
Speechless. This one left me dead. The internet is undefeated. While this list of the 10 funniest Dallas Cowboys memes is purely subjective, this one earns No. 1 for now.


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