Bordalás Does not blame to the referee: "we Have given a lot of eases" – FC Barcelona Noticias

Published:9/01/2022 – 08:07h
Updated:9/01/2022 – 08:07h
To the margin of the controversy that has desatado in the social networks by the performance of the referee Hernández Hernández in the Real Madrid-Valencia, the trainer of the team 'che', José Bordalás has been autocrítico in front of the fragility of the defence in a party that finished with a goleada favourable to the merengues.
In his opinion, the referee is not totally guilty by the played of the penalti, although it sustains that it had to be reviewed: "In the band have not seen it very clear, but yes in the rest. It is a penalti non-existent, understand that the referee can interpret that it is penalti, but the VAR is for something, to correct it. Alderete Wins the action, Casemiro is skillful leaves fall and pita the referee, that is my interpretation".
Neither it considers that there is some bad intention by part of the referee's body, but yes has changed the course of the meeting: "we can not speak of theft, but yes of a played that has conditioned the party. I do not understand how it can occur this in the actuality when have the VAR that is a technology that is for this so that no pite a penalti that is not".
The míster of Valencia does not justify the occurred, especially in the second half of the party: "Always a played and when the Madrid puts by in front to the edge of the rest this conditions, but this is not excuse. I am not happy with the second time, the team has been very fragile, very vulnerable".
Bordalás Sustains that his directed have given a lot of opportunities that the rival knew to take advantage of: "In the 2-0 and the 3-0 the Madrid has gone in very easy and the chamber has been with the already dumped team looking for the second ours goal. I do not subtract him merit to the Madrid, but have given him a lot of eases so that it find like a result like the one of tonight".


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