Hey Centenary Gymnastics Fans! It’s Junior Taylor Wilson here giving you the inside scoop on this weeks Gym Talk!
We began the week with Shelly Time where we partnered up and gave each other compliments and criticisms to learn how to effectively do so. We also got a little deeper with our teammates as we shared some things about ourselves that most people wouldn’t have known. Shelley is working with us to build stronger relationships in order for us to be a team of complete trust! And it is always a fun time when Shelley is around too!
The Ladies are becoming quite the swimming stars with our swimming workouts on Thursday mornings! After round two of the swimming medley this Thursday the swim coach was trying to recruit a few of us! Friday was an amazing practice with high energy and confidence! Shoutout to Kendall Sanders for connecting her bar connection again. She has been working those skills individually to work on consistency and better execution, now it looks even better!
Saturday was team day with the motto “I got your back.” As we work on building trust in our relationships in our team building session, we are also building trust in the gym. So, during our mock intra-squad, each Lady had to the opportunity to pick a teammate to “have their back” if they made a mistake in their routine. This was a definite confidence builder because we only used two “backbones” the whole night! This assignment really helped the Ladies understand how knowing their teammates can step up when they need to, each athlete competing can take the pressure off of themselves and be able to compete with confidence.
Another shoutout goes to the vault team who went 6 for 6! More incredible shoutouts go to Kendall Knaps for her full out on bars and Lacey Wedge for closing out the intrasquad with a beautiful HIT floor routine. The Ladies’ week ended with a talk from Olivia Hirsh to discuss nutrition before, during, and after our intense workouts!
Stay tuned for some big news coming our way, and to see the new upcoming floor routines, they are going to be fun!
Until next time!
Taylor Wilson


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