Although his first official day on the job is not until next Monday, incoming Fire Chief Kevin Welsh visited St. Thomas nearly 20 years ago on a somber occasion.
Welsh joined hundreds of firefighters from across North American for the funeral of Capt. Dennis Redman, killed in the line of duty fighting a fire at 200 Chestnut Street on Jan. 5, 2001.
Welsh finishes up Friday as chief in the Town of Renfrew after spending many years with Kingston Fire and Rescue. He replaces former chief Bob Davidson who retired in July.
Welsh says the move to the city from Renfrew gives him the opportunity to work with “a good-sized professional department with 50 very dedicated members.” He describes it as a great opportunity. When myFM asked Welsh what personal strengths he will be bringing to St. Thomas, he talked about the importance of relationships.
He understands the significance of providing a strong firefighting element, not only for homes and apartments but also for the growing industrial base in the city.
Welsh stresses he is deeply committed to community life. He and his wife Corinna actively volunteered with several community clubs and organizations in Renfrew while participating in numerous events and activities. It’s all about making friends, advises Welsh.
You can’t separate the position from the person, notes Welsh. He adds, “we are the kind of individuals who want to be involved in our community.”



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