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2021 proved to be another big year for David Tennant, with the star taking on many memorable roles. IMDb ranks his best of the year here.
As one of the UK’s busiest actors, David Tennant has led an especially illustrious career since his Doctor Who days. His extensive filmography covers roles across film, television, and gaming, showing an impressive degree of variety in his incredible acting performances.
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2021 has proven to be another big year for the Scottish actor, with the media star having undertaken many memorable voice roles and live-action appearances. Fans have spoken enthusiastically about David Tennant’s 2021 slate and so it’s a good time to look at the rankings of his most recent content.
Widely considered by fans to be the best Doctor, David Tennant’s legendary Time Lord is one of his most highly praised portrayals to date. The actor reprises the part for the 2021 video game release, “The Edge Of Reality,” which sees the Tenth Doctor team up with his thirteenth incarnation to save reality from some highly problematic time glitches.
David Tennant effortlessly slips back into his iconic role, as he proves why fans continue to adore his take on the Doctor. His version of the renegade Time Lord is considerably more human than his predecessors, which adds an air of relatability to this otherwise otherworldly figure. Endlessly charismatic and emotionally engaging, David Tennant’s Doctor is a delight to witness throughout this videogame venture.
One of Nickelodeon’s most popular animated series of late is Loud House, with the quirky children’s cartoon series having secured the feature-length treatment courtesy of Netflix. The series’ cinematic offering stars David Tennant as Castle Loud’s groundskeeper, Angus, who informs the Loud family of their ancestral heritage in Scotland.
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The resulting portrayal is one of David Tennant’s greatest yet, as he imbues Angus with his warm Scottish intonations. Tennant is endearingly loyal as the Scottish groundskeeper, with his unfettered devotion towards the Loud family delivering one of the animated franchise’s most loveable characters yet.
Anime has attracted a huge global audience, with viewers often fascinated by this unique animated style. An especially beloved anime series is Eden, which can be found on Netflix. In this thrilling sci-fi adventure, David Tennant voices a farming robot named E92, who adopts a young child called Sara.
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Tennant perfectly evokes the machine’s cold robotic tones, whilst also adding a sense of warmth to the friendly robot being. The Scottish actor delivers some heavy material, as E92 grapples with his game-changing discovery of a human child, after previously believing humanity’s existence to be a myth. David Tennant gives a moving depiction of a machine who discovers the truth behind his creation, which brings some compelling dramatic weight to this anime venture.
Beauty And The Beast has many adaptations, both live action and animated, and may be mainly known for the Disney version, but the 2021 festive period also featured a new take on the classic fairytale. Broadcast in aid of Comic Relief, this more recent spin on the iconic tale features David Tennant portraying himself, as he accidentally joins the pantomime over Zoom.
David Tennant offers a humorous presence in his cameo appearance, with the actor mistakenly believing the panto to be a James Bond read-through. Tennant amusingly lets slip that he’s the new James Bond, and laments that he may lose the position now that he has revealed this top-secret information. It’s a wonderfully comedic showing, which utilizes Tennant’s comic talents well.
The works of Jules Verne have also seen countless adaptations over the years, and one of the most popular is the BBC’s recent Around The World In 80 DaysThis exhilarating adventure series stars David Tennant in the lead role of Phileas Fogg as he attempts the ambitious voyage across the globe.
Around The World In 80 Days proves to be one of David Tennant’s greatest achievements, as he gives a passionate yet bumbling depiction of Phileas Fogg. The Scottish actor provides Fogg with a fascinating complexity, as his seemingly selfish drive to win the “80 days” challenge is, in actuality, an excuse to locate his lost love, Estella. Fans of Around The World In 80 Days may also wish to check out these other similar shows, which offer a similarly enjoyable time.
Set on a dystopian Earth, Gen: Lock has enthralled audiences with its bleak futuristic setting. The hit animated series sees David Tennant voice Doctor Rufus Weller, the founder of the titular “Gen: Lock” program, who provides scientific advice to the heroic Polity group’s “Experimental Science Unit.”
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The Doctor Who star fully embodies the animated scientist, bringing a delightful sense of eccentricity to Rufus Weller. David Tennant’s Rufus possesses an unnerving calmness alongside some strong idealistic values, making him one of the actor’s most fascinating characters to date.
Final Space has proven to be one of Netflix’s biggest hits ever since its debut in 2018, with the sci-fi cartoon having delivered some of the best episodes. In this series, David Tennant plays the villainous Lord Commander, a ruthless dictator who seeks to rule every dimension.
David Tennant gives a dark and sinister performance in the role and the actor clearly relishes portraying the character’s deeply manipulative side, with the Lord Commander having even convinced the Ventrexian General Avocato to kill his own people. David Tennant’s depiction of the extraterrestrial tyrant left a lasting impression on viewers, with his shockingly brutal methods allowing his character to strike an intimidating appearance.
Disney’s nostalgic reboot of DuckTales has gathered quite a fan base since it began in 2017, with audiences entranced with its simplistic childlike nature. The series features David Tennant’s take on the fan-favorite character of Scrooge McDuck, who takes his nephews on various wild adventures.
Tennant’s iconic trillionaire duck is full of personality, as he brings Scrooge’s adventurous spirit to life. The Scottish star imbues Scrooge with a kind heart, ensuring that the character remains exceptionally likable, despite his more greedy tendencies. David Tennant’s Scrooge is a charming presence throughout DuckTales, resulting in the cartoon duck becoming a beloved creation among a whole new generation of viewers.
The enormous success of the DuckTales reboot has inspired the creation of a podcast spin-off, entitled This Duckburg Life, which allows viewers to take a deeper dive into the show’s quirky individuals. As well as reprising his role of Scrooge McDuck, this thrilling audio series also sees David Tennant play the Portuguese explorer Birdinand Magellan, who haunts the “Ghost Library.”
Despite being voiced by the same actor, David Tennant does a stellar job at imbuing both Scrooge and Birdinand with two very  distinct personalities. Tennant voices the Portuguese adventurer with some truly menacing intonations, which highlights the character’s more malevolent disposition. It’s an impressive turn by the Scottish celebrity, which reflects his remarkable skills as a vocal performer.
COVID-19 has left a lasting impact on the film and television industry, with media companies forced to take creative approaches around technical limitations brought on by the pandemic.  One of the most imaginative productions to be born out of this unfortunate situation is Staged, which involves David Tennant playing an exaggerated version of himself.
The Doctor Who star takes on a more comedic role within this production, as he attempts to rehearse a play and discuss a U.S. remake of Staged over Zoom. David Tennant demonstrates some excellent chemistry with his co-star Michael Sheen, with the pair exchanging some witty banter throughout the series. Tennant and Sheen are frequently hilarious across the series, as they bicker over whose name should appear first on the credits, and audition actors to play themselves in the American adaptation.
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