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Fox News’ prime-time programme received a surprise treat on Monday evening. Tucker Carlson’s show was a “special edition” on “the left’s politicisation of the coronavirus,” as text displayed at one point on the broadcast’s lower-third implied. In actuality, the broadcast was a textbook example of Carlson politicising the coronavirus in the service of the political right.
There’s a very concrete example of that effort from Monday’s show. It’s an example that makes obvious how concerned Carlson and his team are about accuracy (not terribly) but also how difficult it can be to uproot misinformation.
You may have seen a snippet of an interview from ABC’s “Good Morning America” in which Rochelle Walensky, the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, described the role of comorbidities — other illnesses — in coronavirus deaths. If you didn’t see it, here’s the Republican National Committee sharing it on social media.
It’s worth stopping for a minute and considering why the RNC determined this was worth sharing. Why does a political party view it as useful to elevate an assertion that covid-19 deaths are mainly linked to already sick people? The answer, of course, is that the Republican Party is fully invested in downplaying the danger of the virus to cast President Biden as overreaching. If only the very sick are dying, then efforts to contain the virus broadly are less urgent.
Part of the problem lies with how “Good Morning America” edited the clip. The RNC’s clip is what aired Friday morning, without the context that Walensky was referring solely to deaths among the vaccinated. The show subsequently released a full version of the interview that made that clear.
Except, as HotAir’s pseudonymous writer Allahpundit pointed out Monday afternoon, this isn’t what Walensky was saying. She was referring to a study that evaluated the deaths of 1.2 million adults who had been vaccinated, only 36 of whom died of covid-19. It was among those 36 vaccinated individuals that three-quarters (28 in total) had four or more comorbidities.
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