Glassdoor predicts the top 4 workplace trends for 2022 – Employee Benefit News

Instability has been the recurring theme of the last 22 months, and that doesn’t seem to be changing as we enter the third year of the pandemic.
Employers want to enter 2022 as prepared as possible to take on the challenges plaguing the workforce, including stress, burnout and financial uncertainty, as well as companies’ own struggles with employee attraction and retention.
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“Change is constant, and it’s really important for employers to be flexible and transparent in order to actually navigate this constantly changing environment,” says Daniel Zhao, a senior economist at Glassdoor. “The undercurrent of 2022 will be a hot jobs market, and that has implications for every decision that employers make, employers need to be responsive to what employees want.”
Drawing from its database of employee reviews, salaries and conversations that can help employers get to the heart of how employees are feeling and what they need, Glassdoor has predicted four trends they expect to emerge next year.


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