November 13, 2021
Google wants to test IndexNow. So far, only Microsoft and Yandex had teamed up for the initiative, with which webmasters can more easily report new content to search engines. The protocol is also intended to speed up the indexing of the content. The crawlers are often the bottleneck when it comes to quickly indexing new content. Therefore, the new protocol should provide relief at this point.

Submission of new content to the IndexNow API

(Image: Bing)

IndexNow offers website operators a software interface (API) through which they can notify search engines involved in the project about changes to the website content. However, so far only Bing and Yandex had merged for IndexNow.
Microsofts currently has Bing has a global market share of 13 percent. The Russian-Dutch company Yandex has a market share of around one percent with its search engine. So the project has a limited scope so far. Google confirmed to the Search Engine Journal to test IndexNow. This could go hand in hand with an increase in reach, as the company dominates the global search engine market with 70 percent.
Another suitable partner could be WordPress. With this CMS are currently in short supply 43 percent of all websites operated. It is therefore important for the project that the leading CMS is also involved. Microsoft has already proposed a code solution for WordPress, but one of the lead developers at WordPress doesn’t seem enthusiastic about the idea that the code should be integrated into the WordPress core and suggests a plug-in solution instead.

A plugin would be a more suitable option for the WordPress developers, as Microsoft would then be responsible for the support of the plugin. For Microsoft, on the other hand, it would be more practical if the functionality of IndexNow were integrated directly into WordPress, because this would mean that a not to be despised part of all websites would support the new protocol in one fell swoop. That could make further negotiations much easier. Other platforms such as Wix, Duda, Cloudflare, Akamai, Botify, Oncrawl, Onely, Yext and Microsoft’s websites – GitHub, LinkedIn and MSN – already support IndexNow.


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