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Gov. Gavin Newsom was in San Diego County Wednesday to speak more about a plan to combat homelessness that he first announced in Monday’s budget proposal.
The plan primarily focuses on quickly rehousing those experiencing homelessness with behavioral health issues.
On Monday, Newsom proposed spending $2 billion on mental health services, on top of last year’s $12 billion package.
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In addition to mental health services, it’ll also go to housing and clearing homeless encampments.
The full proposed plan would create a projected 55,000 new housing units and treatment slots.
During the press conference at a homeless encampment cleanup, Newsom said California is taking a new approach in tackling homelessness.
| Video below | Gov. Newsom on homelessness plan
“I want folks to know this. We’re not continuing to do what we’ve done. We’re doing things we’ve never done in the state’s history. We are targeting interventions, targeting partnerships and holding all of us to a higher level of accountability,” he said.
Newsom added that California has increased its budget every year to better help those impacted.
“Last year, we put up $50 million, which was novel for encampment resolution. This year, $500 million was proposed just this week in our budget, tenfold. We’re not marginally increasing. We’re now modestly increasing unprecedented investments,” Newsom said.
He also said that the state was working to provide more entry points, options and opportunities to those who may be hesitant to accept help or “service resistant.”
“We’re pragmatists, not idealists. We want to manifest those ideals. But you got to do it pragmatically. And as the mayor said, and truly close on this. This is not easy. It’s hard. So folks sitting on the couch screaming and yelling, I get it, but I invite you to help us get it done,” he said.
| VIDEO BELOW | Newsom pitches spending billions in proposed California budget to confront homeless crisis
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