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Hawkeye directors Bert and Bertie offer hints that Wilson Fisk could be making his long-awaited appearance in the new Disney+ series.
One of the biggest characters Hawkeye fans have been hoping to see in the series is Wilson Fisk/Kingpin played by Vincent D’Onofrio, and directors Bert and Bertie might have just confirmed it.
In an interview with TVLine, the directors discussed Maya Lopez/Echo (Alaqua Cox) and the conversation led to none other than Kingpin. In regards to the crime boss showing up, they said, “Watching the show, you’ll probably find out.” While vague, it gave the impression of a possible cameo not being out of the question, as fans have speculated the true power behind the Tracksuit Mafia is Kingpin.
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D’Onofrio played Kingpin in the Daredevil series on Netflix to much acclaim. Rumors started swirling about certain Marvel Netflix characters appearing in new Marvel Cinematic Universe shows and movies, and his involvement in Hawkeye became one of the topics of conversation. D’Onofrio added fuel to the rumors by retweeting a Marvel Studios promo to show excitement for the series, leading some to believe he was implying he had a part to play in the story. However, he also debunked a leaked image people claimed was his character.
Hawkeye Episode 3, “Echoes,” has created even more Kingpin speculation because of Maya’s backstory. The Native American assassin is deaf and an amputee — two things she uses as her superpower, according to the show’s creators. In a flashback scene, a large man (who’s referred to as “Uncle” by Echo and Tracksuit Mafia member Kazi) approaches young Maya during her martial arts training. His face isn’t seen, but he pinches her cheek affectionately and chuckles. It seems this could possibly be the powerful crimelord himself.
In the comics, Maya’s father worked for Kingpin’s crime organization as an enforcer, but he was later killed by the mob boss. Fisk then became Maya’s adoptive father and sent her to schools for prodigies to enhance her photographic reflexes and artistic gifts. In actuality, he wanted to use the talented girl as a weapon for his own corrupt motivations. While not exact, there’s a parallel between the familial bond in the origins.
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Similarly, the show sees Maya’s father William (Zahn McClarnon) dying, only in the series it’s at the hands of an assassin in the Ronin suit who tore through the Tracksuit Mafia’s operation. This sets Echo on the path to revenge and it puts Clint Barton (who wore the Ronin suit and took on the criminal underworld after Thanos’ snap) and Kate Bishop (who took the suit during an underground auction) in her sights.
Echo’s forthcoming Disney+ series will explore the relationship between her and Kazi, and if the rumors prove true, it could also delve deeper into her relationship with her uncle.
The first three episodes of Hawkeye are streaming now on Disney+.
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Source: TV Line
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