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Blow them away.
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Instead of Field Upgrades like in Black Ops Cold War, Call of Duty: Vanguard Zombies equips you with Artifacts that are powers given to you by some Dark Aethereal gods. In all, these are mostly the same powers we had in Black Ops Cold War, but you cannot upgrade them. Using the first one you start with can earn you a nice achievement or trophy called Shocking Behavior. Here is how to get it.
The Shocking Behavior achievement or trophy is simple to unlock, and you will likely get it within your first couple of games of Vanguard Zombies if you use your Artifacts correctly. All you need to do is kill ten enemies affected by Energy Mine. Before you hit level five, you will be stuck with the Energy Mine Artifact. Of course, if you are past this level, you can equip and use it to get the achievement.
In the game, watch your Artifact icon in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. When that logo is lit and the bar is filled, you can press L1 and R1 (PlayStation) or LB and RB (Xbox) at the same time and activate your power. For Energy Mine, you will put out a glob of energy that will sit on the ground until an enemy comes by. When they get close, it will explode, damaging or killing them.
Just use this multiple times and finish off enemies, and when you get ten kills, you will be rewarded the achievement or trophy.

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