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Mornings are a busy time for the TODAY Show anchors. They’re usually clocking in while the rest of us are still hitting snooze. Though, Al Roker wouldn’t have it any other way — he loves his morning routine.
Al starts his early mornings at 4 a.m., with a workout in his home in New York City or at the gym. At 5 a.m., after he’s showered and dressed for work, he whips up a batch of his signature ketogenic diet breakfast: an egg muffin. He packs it in tinfoil with a slice of cheese on top.
Here is how he makes his go-to keto muffins:
Al’s recipe should make about four muffins.
#Keto #eggcup Beat 6-8 eggs with a dollop of heavy cream. Pour into 4-6 jumbo muffin tins. Add leftover bacon/sausage/steak. Then chop and add leftover veggies. Top with a bunch of grated cheddar or your fave. Pop in 400° oven for :30
Follow Al on Instagram to see how he’s constantly switching up his muffin recipe with different veggies and cheeses. In the image below, he used pancetta and Gruyère.
Interested in trying the keto diet? Here is a quick explainer on getting started, and here is an account from a woman who tried it for 30 days. When Savannah tried it, she credited the diet with making her brain “a little sharper.” Talk to your doctor or a dietitian to figure out if the keto diet could work for you.
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