Idaho Today: Improve strength and stability with Kristin Armstrong –

All you need is a set of bands and to show up—at work, at home, on holiday, at the office, or while you are traveling.  
Give this 22-minute HIIT full body MINI BAND workout a go:
10x :45 seconds of work :15 seconds of rest
Alternate 2x lower body movement— perhaps a squat jack and side steps.
2 minutes rest
10x :45 seconds of work :15 seconds of rest
Alternate 1x upper body and 1x core movement— perhaps plank position alternating knee to elbow, and lat pull down.
You decide what part of the body you want to work.  If you want a bonus round, go for taking 22-total minutes to 34-total minutes!
If you enjoyed this workout you will enjoy some band specific classes at PIOVT as well as delivered via PIVOT Academy (online programming).  
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