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According to Moore’s Law Is Dead, Intel will push back the release of their new Arc Alchemist discrete GPU lineup to the second quarter of the year. Readers will remember that the original timeframe for release was during this first quarter of 2022, with a possible March to April release. With this new information, a lot is changing, and possibly for the better for Intel and consumers.
In tonight’s video, the well-known leaker discussed several topics—one was NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 Ti requiring more voltage before launch and was not receiving the same amount of yield as the company had anticipated.
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He mentioned that it is possible that NVIDIA would have to redesign the PCB due to the amount of difficulty the company is receiving from their upcoming graphics card. These changes would essentially push the standard RTX 3090 Ti offerings back more than just a month, but possibly quite longer. However, companies who manufactured RTX 3090 Ti cards that offered much more boost than the basic models, such as the EVGA Kingpin 3090 Ti, will see the normal release window to coincide with the release of “Lovelace.” Expect these cards to be upwards of $5,000 starting due to the amount of technology going into each product.

Another mentioned card was the AMD RX 6950XT graphics card. This card is the direct competitor to NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 3090 Ti. There is a whisper of AMD releasing an RX 6750XT, but this is not completely confirmed, so we can only go off of speculation right now. And, that speculation is also added with the fact that AMD has internally mentioned that there are multiple 6X50 products in the development process.
But, the most notable part of the discussion was the release of Intel Arc Alchemist. Over the last year, it has been reported that we would be looking at March 2022 for the release of Intel’s DG2 card. Moore’s Law is Dead noted that with Intel entering the graphics card market, the company would want to ensure that there will be plenty of stock for consumers.
Intel will also want to ensure that the end product will offer the best graphics users. Issues with drivers are also mentioned in the video as to why the official release is delayed further. This could mean that the company will hold off on the original March/April release and look further into May/June for release. This will allow the company the time needed to get last-minute tests done, samples sent out to enough businesses, and also allow them to do a reveal around the same time as PAX East.
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Laptop Arc Alchemist models will see an earlier release, possibly April, but it is expected that the laptop discrete GPU will be a low-end model, with the higher-end models seeing the May/June release.
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