Letters Nov. 12: A number of factors around energy issues don't make sense – Edmonton Sun

In response to energy issues editorial (On energy issues, U.S. isn’t our friend, Nov. 10), perhaps I don’t understand the underlying complexities. LOL — I’m just a minion and look at things simplistically. I’ve never understood in the first place why a pipeline to the west to ship oil out of the country is more important than a pipeline to the east. I think Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, at least, will sign on. Get it started, it provides jobs and we go/decide/move on from there. I’ve never understood in the first place why we send our stuff (bitumen at least) to places like Texas to get refined instead of doing it here, which would minimize movement of the product and thus be more environmental friendly. I’d love someone to explain this. Just my guess, I presume it has to do with who owns what.
(Everything you say makes sense, and you’re probably right about that last guess.)
Letter writers like Barry Harris (Absurd Government, Nov. 10) are a prime example of how Conservatives and corporations have brainwashed people into thinking that enhancing social programs or paying higher wages will slay “the goose that lays the golden egg.” Well Barry, in actuality there are other ways that governments can run into fiscal problems. How about a government that cuts corporate tax rates (without getting much in return), or loses billions on pipelines that don’t get built, or spends millions chasing irresponsible oil companies for debts owed. Let’s face it, when Conservatives mishandle our economy pursuing their initiatives, Conservative Albertans don’t bat an eyelid. But if an NDP government tries to make life better or fairer for working class people, they might as well be asking for the moon.
(Governments of every stripe are capable of wasting taxpayer dollars.)
Our prime minister showed his contempt for all service members past and present. The tradition of Remembrance Day is carefully designed to recognize the end of WW1, 11th hour, 11th day, of the 11th month. Not 11:02 or 3. By being late, the PM threw 100 years of tradition out the window with his morning coffee. His disrespect for the citizens of this country continues daily.
(There was a security issue … but 11 a.m. is sacred and time waits for no one.)
As a physicist, I enjoyed reading “Climate protesters actually demanding global blackouts” (Lorrie Goldstein, Nov. 6). Though it would be wonderful to replace coal and other fossil fuels with renewable energies such as wind and solar, they cannot provide a continuous and stable supply of electricity on a 24/7 basis. Hydropower and nuclear power do not produce CO2 and represent the best means to produce large quantities of stable electricity currently available. Beyond that, dams, help to stabilize water flow and thus reduce the catastrophic effects of transient flooding which often devastate flora and fauna. They also retain fresh water for local communities which, in an era of climate change, will be very important to reduce the effects of ever worsening drought.
(All good points.)
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