Massachusetts residents to set clocks back under clear skies –

By Dave Epstein, The Boston Globe

There’s a point during the course of the fall where the subsequent nights of below freezing temperatures take more and more plants with the chill.

At first only the most sensitive plants end up turning to mush from the cold, but after our Saturday morning freeze, you’re going to notice even more things have bit the dust for winter.

There will be a golden parade of falling leaves just after sunrise each morning this weekend.

If you have any field games early Saturday, be sure to bundle up. But by the time we get towards noon, temperatures will once again have risen towards and maybe even above 50 degrees.

The dry weather is actually going to continue for the foreseeable future. It will be another cold start to the day on Sunday, but readings will recover getting back towards 55 degrees in the afternoon and with light winds. It’ll feel pretty comfortable.

For those of you who are doing your own yard cleanup, this is really the sweet spot of November. The dry air along with mild temperatures keeps those leaves nice and light and much easier to clear.

Speaking of light, the angle of the Sun is now similar to the very start of February.

From this point until about the end of the first week of February, the sun has the least amount of strength during the entire year.

That lack of light means that your indoor house plants probably aren’t growing very much, if at all, and you want to really pull back on the amount of water, and certainly I would not be feeding them the next three months.

As we set the clocks back one hour Saturday night, we also enter that time of the year where the sun goes before 4:30 in the afternoon. In actuality, however, in less than five weeks the afternoons will slowly start getting lighter with the sunset on Thanksgiving earlier than the sunset on Christmas.

Dry weather will continue beyond Sunday with temperatures moderating and likely getting into the 60s by Tuesday and Wednesday.

It’s a good thing that the coastal storm, which had the potential to impact Southern New England late this weekend, is staying well out to sea.

The tides are astronomically high over the next several cycles, and had we gotten that storm, we could have been looking at major amounts of damage. It looks like our weather karma continues to be on the good side, at least for now.

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