Matthew Stafford and Joe Burrow shared an incredibly classy moment after Super Bowl 56 – The Cincinnati Enquirer

I can’t imagine it’s ever easy to be on the losing side of a Super Bowl and to watch the opposing team celebrate amid all the chaos on the field. That’s why it’s always an impressive show of sportsmanship when the losing quarterback manages to catch up with the winner.
There have been times when no postgame handshake between quarterbacks takes place, but there was no snub after Sunday’s Super Bowl 56. Not even close.
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As the Rams were busy celebrating their 23-20 win over the Cincinnati Bengals, cameras captured footage of Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow meeting with Matthew Stafford on the field. The two shared a long conversation and handshake before parting ways.
And it was a particularly great gesture from Burrow, putting aside the disappointment to congratulate Stafford on his long-awaited Super Bowl title.
You love to see that.
While we couldn’t hear what was said in that video, the mic’d-up footage will almost certainly get released in the coming days.
In the meantime, fans did appreciate that show of sportsmanship between Stafford and Burrow.
You can tell there was a lot of respect between both those former No. 1 overall picks. That’s how it should be done.


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