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CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Local artist Carrie Pendergrass is at it again!!! Carrie’s done all of the “heavy lifting” on this new exhibit in the main lobby of the Chattanooga Airport.
It went up last month. The theme this time around is “A Stilled Life.” Centering around still moments and images that represent everyday things we see and do.
There are 21 pieces of artwork on display. By 18 different local and regional artists.
Carrie’s the one who decides who’s in, who’s out. What’s in. Where it’s spaced. Where it’s grouped.
Nonetheless, she says it’s a gratifying experience.
“I’ve always loved to celebrate other artists. I enjoy giving them a platform, as well as myself. It’s wonderful to put it all together. It’s really satisfying!”
Just offhand, one would think an airport is not a great place for a number of paintings. But Carrie Pendergrass says, in all actuality, she says an airport is a perfect place for a little gallery!
“When you’re traveling, there is usually so much stress. I love the idea of taking a moment to check out the local art, as well as take a minute to check out the culture in the chaos of travel. And it’s also an introduction to the city, which is really cool!”
Unlike the previous exhibit, this one is just a little bit more “pocketbook friendly.” And yes, the artwork is for sale.
Just scan the specific code on each painting to get in touch with Carrie Pendergrass.
Dave Staley, News 12 Now

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