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In a breathtaking piece of new fan art, Nezuko Kamado is transformed from her normal demonic state to a full-blown demon slayer in her own right!
The manga series Demon Slayer follows the adventures of those sworn to rid the world of demonic threats as well as the storylines of some of the demons themselves, and one piece of fan art imagines a demon named Nezuko as a demon slayer. Nezuko is a human turned demon who happens to be the younger sister to the manga series’ protagonist Tanjiro. In this new piece of fan art, Nezuko ditches the demon persona altogether and becomes a full-fledged demon slayer just like her brother, who makes an appearance in the piece of artwork. 
Nezuko Kamado made her manga debut in Demon Slayer Chapter 1 by Koyoharu Gotouge. Originating as a regular human and the sister of Tanjiro, Nezuko was turned into a demon by the demonic entity known as Muzan Kibutsuji. Since becoming demon, Tanjiro didn’t abandon her but rather adapted to her condition in order to keep himself and others safe whenever Nezuko unleashed her demonic persona. In order to keep her from lethally biting anyone with her demonic fangs, Nezuko is mostly seen with a piece of bamboo in her mouth to restrain those deadly sharp teeth as well as her desire to use them. 
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In a Tweet by JeeZ, the artist depicted Nezuko as a demon slayer herself with Tanjiro drawn in a little bubble in the corner taking the role as the human turned demon with Nezuko’s piece of bamboo in his mouth. The artwork is a gorgeous depiction of Nezuko, who trades her pain-filled eyes and muzzle for an expression filled with wondrous hope and a sword she slowly unsheathed to use against any impending demonic threat
Demon slayer nezuko ? What breathing technique would nezuko use? ?
Even though Nezuko was turned into a demon, she didn’t go full dark side. While she is influenced heavily by evil, Nezuko cares deeply about her family and time and again proved that she will do anything to help them when trouble ensues. 
In all actuality, Nezuko would be a fantastic addition to the Demon Slayer Corps even with her demonic curse simply because of the incredible powers she has exhibited throughout the manga series. Nezuko has abilities including Awakened Form which is something of a berserker state that makes her appear more demonic and increases her power exponentially, as well as the power of regeneration and super strength. All in all, Nezuko is a powerful being though the fact that she is a demon makes the members of the Demon Slayer Corps wary of her, hence the muzzle. However, Demon Slayer’s Nezuko flipped the script and becomes a demon slayer herself in this breathtaking piece of fan art.
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Source: JeeZ
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