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Over 3,981,473 readers this year!
Local Weather
Over 3,981,473 readers this year!
CASPER, Wyo. – Wind gusts up to 70 mph in some areas of Casper are expected today as central Wyoming is put under a high wind warning.
According to the National Weather Service (NWS) in Riverton, the highest gusts should be felt along Wyoming Boulevard and south Casper. Gusts up to 60 mph should be expected in other areas of town, with sustained winds up to 40 mph.
Snow is expected to move into the area by early Thursday afternoon, with heaviest snowfall overnight.
Up to 5 inches of snow accumulation is predicted in low-lying areas, said the NWS. Blustery winds could cause reduced visibility and difficult driving conditions. Snow should clear by Friday afternoon.
Today’s high in Casper is expected to hit 51 degrees, with a high around 36 degrees on Thursday and 27 degrees and windy on Friday.
Blustery winds and highs in the 30s are expected through the weekend.
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