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Olivia Munn is pregnant — and surrounded by boxes.
“I’m looking at everything I have to open up and it’s overwhelming. I don’t know how many of each item I need,” Munn, 41, told Hoda Kotb on TODAY Wednesday. “Truly, I wish somebody could tell me, how many onesies, how many diapers? What’s the best rocker?”
Munn, who appeared on the show to promote her new movie “Violet,” is expecting her first child with comedian John Mulaney, 39.
“I feel good. I feel scared, I feel nervous, and I’m excited,” Munn told Hoda. She added that Mulaney is also excited but has the same concerns that she does, like, “What kind of crib do you put the baby in?”
Hoda then shared a nugget of parenting advice that she received from Maria Shriver shortly after she became a mom to daughter Haley Joy in 2017.
“She said, ‘Let me just tell you something — your baby needs what you need. I said, ‘What’s that?’ She said, ‘To be looked at, to be listened to, to be talked to, to be made to feel secure,'” Hoda shared. “I think we think (babies) need all these (expensive) things, but really they just need the most basic of things.”
Earlier this week, Munn appeared on the “Pop Culture Spotlight with Jessica Shaw” podcast, where she opened up about her years-long struggle with body image.
During the interview, Munn recalled being told she was “too big to be on TV.” At the time, Munn laughed off the comments and pretended they didn’t bother her.
“But behind the scenes I was talking to doctors, ‘What can I do to lose weight?’ Asking friends for their tips and tricks,” “The Newsroom” star said. “And then before you know it, it’s like, ‘Oh, she is too skinny.’”
Now, Munn is feeling those insecurities creep back up — along with a host of new concerns.
“Its just so hard because I will Google search ‘streetwear maternity,’ and a lot of it comes up with these gorgeous women who are super skinny and have this little bump and everything is effortless,” Munn said.
Recently, the actor began comparing herself to pregnant model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.
“I don’t have Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s body at all and that’s kind of the first step in feeling like, ‘Oh, if I am not handling maternity well, if I’m not looking chic and cool and effortless, and if my body is changing like this, that means that I’m failing,” Munn said. “That means that I”m already not doing things right.”
Mulaney confirmed Munn’s pregnancy in September on “Late Night with Seth Meyers.”
“In the spring I went to Los Angeles and met and started to date Olivia,” he shared. “And we’re having a baby.”
Mulaney filed for divorce from his wife of six years earlier this year. While on the show, Mulaney thanked Meyers and other friends who staged an intervention at the height of his drug use. Last year, Mulaney checked into a rehab facility where he completed 60 days.
“At that moment in time, I wanted to continue using drugs,” Mulaney said. “Sitting here tonight, I’m so grateful to you and to everyone there for saving my life, OK? That night, I was not grateful.”
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