People worried over possible Stoppage orders on Revenue documents in Chowadhi/Sunjwan – Cross Town News

Rajesh Gupta
Jammu, Nov 09: It is well aware of the fact that recently , FIR lodging order issued regarding missing of  latha of Chowadhi/Sunjwan areas in the concerned revenue office.
Lot of people of the area, while speaking to Cross town News said that they have apprehensions  that following the issue, administration  may orders for stopping of issuance of Revenue Papers of the said areas till further orders.
Some pointed out that shall stopping of issuance of Revenue documents in Chowadhi/Sunjwan will  serve the purpose for which only innocent people will face a lot of harassment as already being harassed on undesrired issues in Revenue department.
People , who are aware of the matter,  while speaking to  Cross Town News  said that arround dozens of areas under Jammu district exist , where there is no latha including Jammu Khas, Tope Sherkhani, Ploura, Deeli, Seri Kalan(Nagrota), RaiPur Domana etc etc but fards/revenue papers are being issued on the basis of Masavi , field book & spot verifications, which creates the actuality of the said land, which can also serve the purpose.
It has also come to understand that Latha was prepared on a piece of cloth which could torn out with the passage of time of years, otherwise if Govt had done so called Jamabandhis after every four yeas as it stands ordered by the Govt itself, but not done since more than 50 years , new Lathas would have been prepared on piece of new cloth & this problem would have not been created.
People said , if such action shall be taken by Administration, thousands of people of the said area will suffer for matters  like fards for loan, documents for income certificate, sale/purchase of their plot as per their urgent family needs & other related issues etc  etc.
It was also ininformed that before taking such actions if in proposal in a particular area, Administration should first see that there are other lot of didtricts/areas, where no Latha's are there but the process of issusnce of revenue papers being done on Massavi/ Field book & field visits.
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