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BOSTON (CBS) – I have heard a lot of folks saying, “it doesn’t feel like Christmas.”
The warm December has been kind to landscapers and those looking to extend their golf season. But if you are someone that needs snow to get in the holiday mood, undoubtedly, this December hasn’t been your favorite. The first half of December falls squarely in the top 10 warmest on record.
If you’re dreaming of a white Christmas, all hope is not lost! Snow is on the way. After this weekend’s storm, there will be a fine line between the have’s and have not’s.
Where will your backyard end up? Read on, I’m getting there!
First the timeline…
Saturday Morning, 9am-Noon: First flakes arrive from west to east (north of the Mass Pike). They’ll be arriving first in the Berkshires (by 9 a.m.) and all the way to the coast by noon. South of the Pike, you are likely cooked from the start. You may see a touch of snow at the very beginning stages, but more than likely, the storm is mainly sleet and rain, again, arriving by noon.
Travel should be fine in central and eastern Massachusetts Saturday morning, getting some white on the secondary roads by midday well to the north and west.
Saturday Afternoon, Noon-4 pm: Steady precipitation expected for most of the afternoon. Any snow/sleet will quickly change to rain along the immediate Coastline from Boston south through the Cape and Islands. Areas inland and south of the Mass Pike will primarily see sleet and rain in the afternoon. The snow will be confined to areas north of the Pike, and more so to the northernmost 5-10 miles of Massachusetts. Think of a line from about Orange to Gardner to Westford to Andover. If you are north of there, you will be plowing. South of there you go from a sloppy mix to no snow at all quickly.
Saturday Night, 5pm-Midnight: The “all snow” area slowly shifts northward getting just north of the Massachusetts/New Hampshire border by midnight. Areas that had been all snow during the afternoon in northern Massachusetts, gradually mix with and change to sleet/rain. Snow will continue to come down at a fairly good clip for all of central and northern New England (Yay Ski Areas!). Nearly all of eastern Massachusetts is rain. Central and western Massachusetts are a mix of sleet and freezing rain.
(WBZ-TV graphic)
Quick reminder here on the dangers of freezing rain versus sleet. Sleet is basically just small pellets of ice that fall harmlessly and can accumulate a tiny bit. Freezing rain is liquid water that freezes on contact with the ground (which is below freezing) that can be very dangerous and lead to serious icing of roads and sidewalks. I don’t see a major ice issue with this storm, but if there were to be some ice accretion, it would be in Worcester County and/or the Berkshires, and parts of northern Connecticut.
Sunday morning, Midnight-7am: The precipitation intensity lightens through the early morning hours. By 4-5 a.m., we have just light rain and snow falling and, as is typical, colder air starts to filter in at the end as the winds shift more northerly. This could briefly change any rain back over to a light snow around 6-7 a.m. on Sunday. Any new snow would be very brief, and likely not accumulate more than a dusting here and there. After 8-9 a.m., time to clean up and safe to head out on the roads (as long as they have been treated and plowed where needed).
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So how many inches of snow should residents in each region be expecting?
Coating to 1″ is expected along the entire coastline down through Plymouth and most of inland southeastern Massachusetts, also including the immediate North Shore Coastline. This will be compacted by sleet and likely washed away by rain later in the storm.
1-3″ is expected about 5 miles inland in Essex county, back to 495. Also areas between 128 and 495 north of the Pike, back to the route 2 area. This will be compacted by sleet/freezing rain/rain, likely not all washed away.
3-6″ is expected north and west of I-495/Route 2 intersection. Higher amounts will be as you get closer to Massachusetts/New Hampshire border. Could certainly see 6″ in northernmost Worcester County, elevated areas in southern New Hampshire and all of central and northern New England. Wouldn’t be shocked if some of the ski areas of central New England got as much as 8 or 9″.
With a quiet week coming next week (I don’t see much shot at additional snowfall), this will likely be your last shot at a white Christmas.
Temperatures next week will be fairly chilly, highs in the 30s and low 40s.
So, if you can muster 3″+ Saturday, there is a decent chance you will keep most of it through the holiday.


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