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MCU’s third Spider-Man movie is filled with heroes and villains. As it turns out, their personalities can be explained with one quote.
The release of Spider-Man: No Way Home will satisfy more than just fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe since it brings in past Spider-Man movie characters. The multiversal story sees Peter Parker meet variants from different realities, while also involving Doctor Strange and numerous villains.
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Every character, ranging from the heroes to the villains, had at least one quote in the movie that summed up either who they were or how they saw themselves. It’s interesting to see how these words and beliefs align with their actions for what is a movie that brings together three generations’ worth of stories and characters.
The movie finally answered unresolved questions from Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy over the psyche of the Green Goblin, in that he and Norman Osborn were different personalities. The Goblin had no sense of morality and rejected the notion of being cured.
He said this quote to sway the other villains to his cause, arguing that their super abilities made them gods, not bad guys. Of course, it was all just to fit his own needs, as the Goblin only want to cause misery, taking the life of Aunt May to prove his villainy.
The Lizard falls into the variety of underrated Spider-Man villains, with the character again being more in the background than taking a direct stance. His core personality remained the same, still thinking that turning people into lizards was part of evolution.
The true Curt Connors’ personality could be felt within this quote, as the Lizard told MCU’s Spider-Man that there would be consequences to his attempt to cure the villains. It may have been said cynically, but some level of guilt and regret could be understood as well.
Exactly what happened to Electro was always an unresolved question in The Amazing Spider-Man series, which was revealed to be a huge power surge. Electro seemed to possess an entirely different personality in the MCU, claiming he loved feeling powerful.
However, he showed how he truly saw himself after his defeat, claiming he was going back to being a nobody and a loser. The truth was that he had a severe need for affection and it was after he experienced true compassion from his universe’s Spider-Man that he saw himself as more.
Doctor Strange had to be a realist in the movie because of his attempts to send everyone back to their true realities. He seemed uncharacteristically stern for the most part, but his humanity and affection for Peter turned up during their last interaction.
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Strange admitted he was one of the people who both knew and loved Peter, for which the latter was grateful as it confirmed their bond. The quote also showed that Strange has always cared deep down, even if he has to make the hard choices.
Sandman was only a villain due to his intentions aligning with the rest of the antagonists by the end. He simply wanted the box that would allow him to return him, as it was the only way he could be reunited with his daughter.
Sandman’s reason for living was to be with his child, which led to him turning on the good guys when he felt it was the only option. All things considered, Flint Marko was never the person who wanted to make trouble and was happy with the one person who mattered to him.
Aunt May got to quote the famous words of Uncle Ben, finally delivering the line that Spider-Man fans have been craving to hear in the MCU. It was a reflection of who she was as well, as she worked for F.E.A.S.T. to help the needy because it was the right thing to do.
She made Peter see that he had a responsibility toward the villains of the different realities since he had the means to help them. May lived and ultimately died by her words, encouraging Peter to continue being a hero from beyond the grave.
While her quote of expecting disappointment was repeated various times, it wasn’t how MJ really was. In actuality, she was ever-present in the lives of the people she loved, to the point where she wanted to be with Peter even the realities were close to getting destroyed.
MJ was a person anyone could count on, with nothing coming across as a challenge too great for her. She assured Peter that they would get through everything together and that’s exactly what she did in the end.
Ned was the friend who would die for Peter in a heartbeat, having never gotten at odds with him throughout the course of their relationship. Upon learning that the Peter Parker 2 had lost Harry Osborn, Ned told the MCU Peter that they would never become estranged.
It showed that Ned was someone whom anyone could trust with their life, especially Peter. It also made it all the more heartbreaking when he forgot who Peter was, as it meant the latter lost the person he could have counted on for anything.
The real Otto Octavius was a good man who never wanted to harm anybody, and he turned up after MCU’s Peter fixed the inhibitor chip. Following this, Otto didn’t look to fight, only to help the others become whole again as he did.
A simple quote like this showed the fatherly person that Otto really was when he met his version of Peter Parker once more, admitting it was wonderful to see him again and was happy that Peter had grown up. 
These words were Peter’s response to Doc Ock when he asked him how he was doing now. It was a callback to their first conversation, where Otto had advised Peter to be better for the good of mankind. As it turned out, that’s exactly what he’d been doing.
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Peter Parker 2, as he was recognized in the film, was the most sage of all the Peters, having a level of maturity and patience that portrayed his experience. As before, Peter wanted to keep learning, which is why he made this claim to Otto.
Fans have always found MCU Spider-Man’s quotes to be relatable, with this one summing up who he is. Peter tends to think he’s responsible for everything, taking everyone’s feelings into consideration and being an overall compassionate person.
He uttered this quote to MJ right before she forgot him, meaning Peter wanted to think he could be with her again even if it seemed impossible. He might be alone now, but Peter will still always look to fix or cure whoever he can.
This version was shown, in his youth, as a rebel, loner, and rough around the edges. However, he was also warm and loving, as this quote reflects. He admitted he became embittered after Gwen’s death but recognized he was wrong.
It went to show that Peter just needed a support system, having claimed he saw the other two Peters as brothers. With a bit of love toward his way, Peter acknowledged his past rage, while hoping Peter Parker 1 wouldn’t make the same mistakes he did.
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