Suárez reveals the reason that has to Messi in this "bajón" in France – FC Barcelona Noticias

A lot COLD
Published:5/12/2021 – 09:16h
Updated:6/12/2021 – 00:49h
Luis Suárez conceded an interview for TNT and in her spoke on Messi, ex player of the Barcelona that recently won his seventh balloon of gold of the hands of the Uruguayan, one of his best friends and now witness of what could be living the Argentinian in Paris, new city of residence.
"The relation with Leo follows intact and go on speaking every day. It said me that when it plays in cold suffers a lot, especially by the snow. It is necessary to accustom to the cold there, clear", aimed Suárez when speaking on the actuality of Messi like new player of the PSG, an adventure that seems not being going out very well.
Further to know how much can influence this on the player in his personal life, seems that inside the field has a lot of importance because the performance of Messi follows being very underneath of what expects , what has us accustomed and until of the most pessimistic stage that could pose .
An alone goal in Tie it 1 is what accumulates the Argentinian in the parties that has been able to contest, playing of extreme, stick, inner, false nine or what him antoje to Pochettino, that follows without taking out him benefit to the that considers the best of the world and alone Mbappé seems to fit in his diagrams.
Messi only has been "determinant" in Champions and also in this stage leaves a lot to criticise or signal, such as the French press does of continuous way in each party that plays, every time with more strength and crudeza against of the winning maximum of balloons of gold and recent champion of Glass America with Argentina.
The words of Suárez in relation to what lives Messi in Paris is only the tip of the iceberg in the actuality of the Argentinian, that already has said in several opportunities what odd his previous life no so much in the Barcelona, but in the city, space in which it grew and did a whole life beside Antonella and his children.


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