Suspect Dead, 3 Boston Police Officers Shot During Standoff In Dorchester – CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — Three Boston Police officers were shot and wounded while responding to a standoff in Dorchester Tuesday. Their injuries are considered non-life-threatening. The suspect who was shot by officers has died, police said.
According to I-Team sources, the officers were wearing body armor and at least two were shot in the legs. One of the officers was released from the hospital Tuesday night.
Officers responded to Ferndale Street for a 911 call around 9:30 a.m., said Acting Boston Police Commissioner Gregory Long. It was reported that a person with a gun had threatened people within a home.
A number of officers and SWAT trucks responded. The neighborhood was blocked off.

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The negotiations went on for five-to-six hours, Long said.
“At some point this afternoon during those negotiations, the individual fired at the officers striking three officers on scene. As a result of being fired upon, officers on scene returned fire striking the suspect. The suspect suffered multiple gunshot wounds and was pronounced on scene,” said Long. “They were still speaking with the individual and unexpectedly he just fired upon the officers.”
The officers were inside the building when they were shot.
Sources say the suspect, who was in his 30’s, had a long history of mental health problems. He was convicted of assault with intent to murder in 2001, charged as a career criminal, and spent more than a decade in prison.
Julie Clark lives in the building, knows the suspect and says he’d been threatening to kill people during an ongoing argument. “I asked him to leave, and he just pulled out a gun and put it to his brother’s head,” Clark said.

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Boston Mayor-Elect Michelle Wu tweeted that she has been updated on the situation.
“My prayers are with the injured officers, their loved ones & those in our community who have had to face violence & trauma in our neighborhoods in the past week,” she wrote.
The injured officers were taken to Boston Medical Center. Cruisers and officers lined the sidewalk outside the emergency department.
Dozens of Boston Police officers stood in salute as one officer was wheeled out of the trauma center. Applause broke out as the man was helped into a car and escorted home.
“When you see something like what happened today it really does drive home the sacrifice these men and women make,” WBZ security analyst Ed Davis said.

Police officer wounded in Dorchester shooting is released from Boston Medical Center (WBZ-TV)

Police officer wounded in Dorchester shooting is released from Boston Medical Center (WBZ-TV)
Gov. Charlie Baker said his thoughts and prayers are with the injured officers and their loved ones. “We are grateful for all the men and women in law enforcement who serve our Commonwealth and put their lives on the line each day,” Gov. Baker said.
“In the last three days, we’ve had multiple Boston police officers stabbed and shot by individuals. 911 calls, they responded to those calls. So just remember it is a very hard job to be a police officer,” said Suffolk District Attorney Rachael Rollins, who spoke from the scene while being heckled by someone standing nearby.
She said she was able to sit with the injured officers at the hospital. “They were grateful I believe, but many of them feel like they are not being appreciated, quite frankly,” Rollins said.
On Saturday night, a Boston Police officer was stabbed while responding to a domestic violence call on Ingleside Street in Dorchester.


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