The 10 more conclusive sentences of the press conference of Xavi – FC Barcelona Noticias

Published:8/11/2021 – 17:51h
Updated:8/11/2021 – 18:06h
During his press conference of presentation in front of the media, Xavi Hernández did not shun any of the questions posed, and took advantage of to give a review to all the subjects of actuality of the club and of the staff before taking the reins of the first team of the FC Barcelona.
Multiple of his sentences show that the ex mediocampista arrived to remain , to plant a project of future without neglecting the present. It shows that sucederán multiple changes in the team, especially of mentality and competition. Xavi already shows that it does not fear him to the challenge to direct to the Barcelona picture.
Xavi referred to subjects controversiales that go through the managerial board of the entity, like the farewell of Lionel Messi and the need to renew the agreement of Ousmane Dembélé, in spite of the injuries that continues suffering. Likewise, it cleared that it has to establish norms before posing a style of determinate game.
Meanwhile, the new technician of the picture culé confessed during the press conference, that was in contact with the Brazilian Confederation of Football to head to the selection after the World-wide 2022, and although the offer was attractive, ensured that it did him illusion direct to the Barça.
Also it took advantage of the occasion to refer to the young footballers that today integrate the first Barcelona team. It affirmed that they have a big generation of players talentosos, but assumes that they are very young, by what infers the future integration of experienced.


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