The agent of Lewandowski regrets to have not arrived to an agreement with the Madrid – FC Barcelona Noticias

Published:18/12/2021 – 13:44h
Updated:18/12/2021 – 13:44h
Robert Lewandowski has outlined like one of the best forwards of the actuality and comes to sign 69 goals in a natural year, equalising the mark that had Cristiano Ronaldo. But, what would have occurred if the Pole had played for the Real Madrid? His agent has detailed the subject.
For the year 2014, 'Lewy' was near to culminate his agreement with the Borussia Dortmund and already was in freedom to negotiate with other clubs. The journalist Romain Molina has collected the statements of Pini Zahavi, representative of the artilleryman, the one who spoke on this possible operation.
In such sense, Zahavi would have regretted the impossibility to see to the forward dressed of white: "Zahavi is quite strict to the hour to launch messages, by what when it says in front of his friends that upset him have not attained that Lewandowski was transferred to the Real Madrid, means a lot".
Likewise, it has explained that it did not treat of a wish based in personal profits, but in the career of the player, that perhaps would have formed part of one of the best generations of the team merengue, the one who dominated Europe by three consecutive years: "More than by himself same, Zahavi wanted to do it by Lewandowski".
Molina has detailed that exists a big admiration of the agent by his represented: "Zahavi values it a lot, never listened him something like this on any another player. It has him a lot of respect, something comprehensible, since it is a big sportsman and a big person". Now, the Bayern of Munich will confront to a similar stage, all time that the agreement of Lewandowski will expire in 2023.


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