Today in Martinsville-Henry County history: Sunday, Jan. 9 – Martinsville Bulletin

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Today is Sunday, Jan. 9, the ninth day of 2022. There are 356 days left in the year.
100 years ago in the Henry Bulletin, this ad: The First National Bank, Martinsville, Va., Comparative Statement of Resources: December 31, 1901, $138,850.02 … Dec. 31, 1921, $1,597,595.26. Our deposits have increased $556,000.00 in three years.
Also this 1922 ad: To Automobileists: We are very glad to record the appreciation being shown by the local people as well as tourists of the facilities of our up-to-date Church Street Service Station. A.D. Beckner, Prop’r.
75 years ago: Former Senator Thomas G. Burch said today that the sharp drop in tobacco prices on the Old and Middle Belts was due to several causes but one of the main causes was the large crop which had been produced in this nation during the past two years.
50 years ago: Lawyers for the state and county government have hammered out an agreement calling for no court action against the Henry County Public Service Authority, providing pollution of Jones and Beaver creeks stops by March 1 this year. … It followed a move by the State Water Control Board last Friday to obtain a temporary and permanent court injunction against the PSA, to prevent the unauthorized discharge of untreated sewage wastes into the county streams.
25 years ago: Del. Ward Armstrong, D-Stanleytown, said he agrees – at least in principle – with most of the proposals and ideas in Gov. George Allen’s State of the Commonwealth address Wednesday night. … State Sen. Roscoe Reynolds, D-Ridgeway, said he thinks Gov. George Allen has realized the importance of bipartisan leadership by promoting several ideas that appeal to both parties in his State of the Commonwealth Address Wednesday night.
Past editions of the Bulletin are at the Martinsville Branch Library.
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1922, Misses Carter and Pedigo accepting new students for their business school; 1947, a frozen food storage center will have 800 lockers for the general public to rent to preserve their produce and meats.

 Across the years, local community columns share news of residents; the first baby of 1947 was Tina Michelle Miles; 1997, people were imagining busloads of tourists with fat wallets coming to uptown Martinsville.

1922, Lester Live Stock and Grain Company sold building materials, coal and firewood; 1946, city schools vaccinate children against influenza; 1972, county tries again for a new jail; 1997, Estelle Ingram’s daughter, Jasmyne Danyel, was the first baby born that year in Martinsville hospital.

 1922: ad for quinine for colds; 1947, all clothing leaders are urged to attend the Leaders’ Training Meeting; 1972, Clearview Drive apartment complex planned; 1997, Robert Spilman to retire from Bassett Furniture Industries.

An ad for “the famous Gossard Corset” in 1922; a record set for tobacco sales in 1947; a school bus and DuPont van collide in 1972; William F. Stone to chair the Virginia Senate’s committee on Courts of Justice.

 1922, photography “is now one of the most modern of all businesses, or perhaps it might more accurately be termed a profession”; 1947, Martinsville General Hospital opened; 1997, that hospital is gone, and VMNH wants to move to its site.

In 1921, town officials (including three policemen) listed; 1946, deer are being brought into Fairy Stone State Park in the hope of establishing a herd; 1971, five kids in the Coffman family get their tonsils out; 1996: new bus routes planned for snowy days.

In 1921, a tough time for cattle; 1946, President Truman ends the hostilities of war — but not “the state of war itself”; 1971, five American Furniture Co. firemen injured in a blaze; 1996, Virginia Embroidery grows.
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