Town Hall with MPP Ross Romano: Part 3 – Where have you been? –

Join us for Part 3 of a Community Town Hall series with MPP Ross Romano where Dan Gray presents questions from viewers to our local provincial representative.
This is the bane of any conservative party’s existing – media.
Canadians and Ontarians expect to be spoon fed and the PC & conservative party aren’t as big on press releases and fanfare as the liberal parties are.
If you look at voting records for our MP & MPP then you’ll see what’s actually going on and what they’re doing. For example, if you went by all the media releases regarding Terry Sheehan you’d think he’s working hard for Sault Ste Marie when in actuality I was very disappointed with his voting record.
Media is almost always slanted to one side – you need to stop relying on media and social media to get the whole story and stop expecting to be spoon fed.
quit changing the subject. the conservative party had a chance to run a platform in the federal election that was appealing to Canadians and chose instead to cater to anti-vaxx kooks and gun nuts.
this interview is about Ross Romano and his record over the last 3.5 years.
nice of Dan to provide Ross with free advertising for his re-election campaign. *eye roll*
hopefully Soo residents are too smart for this. Romano has been like Polkaroo the last 3+ years and has suddenly shown up 8 months before a provincial election to tell us all the great things he’s done.
Soo residents smart when it comes to voting? Remember the Soo recently voted Sheehan and Trudeau back in and look at the mess we’ve faced and will continue to face. High fuel prices, increasing carbon and escalator taxes (while Sheehan voted against carbon tax use transparency), massive inflation because of irresponsible borrowing and spending BEFORE covid, an absentee PM who went surfing the first truth & reconciliation day, and we’re forecast to spend another $1,000 more for the same groceries next year (not to mention other things).
Don’t have faith in SSM’s “smart” voting.
don’t deflect attention from Ross thanks. this is about him and his record. you will have another chance to vote out Sheehan in 3.5 years.


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