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DUNKIN Donuts went viral on TikTok Monday when a user posted life hacks to get more for your dollar at the coffee chain.
The first Dunkin Donuts opened its doors in 1950 and there are now 11,300 locations worldwide.
A TikTok video of price hacks at Dunkin Donuts went viral when @gregweiss posted the video for the second time on December 9.
His video included the caption, "Anyone who buys a 25-pack for $8.99 instead of three 10-packs for $6 failed at math in school."
The video is his most viewed in 2021 and other users responded to include their other Dunkin Donuts pricetag hacks.
"Or if you're having a party/meeting etc… 50 for $10. instead of $12," one person posted, while another said, "Heck 5 ten packs is only $10. A 50-pack is $11.99."
Other people commented on why the pricing is listed that way.
“They want you to buy multiple $2 packs so you feel like you’re getting a great deal and in actuality, they sell more.
“It’s called marketing.”
Dunkin Donuts was first founded in 1948 in Quincy, Massachusetts, but it was not the renowned chain the world has come to know and love.
Originally called Open Kettle, the founder, William Rosenberg, served donuts for five cents, and a cup of coffee cost only ten cents.
Open Kettle was renamed in 1950 to Dunkin Donuts based on the suggestion from Rosenberg's executives.
It only took five years for the first Dunkin Donuts franchise to open and another five years to open more than 100 locations around the US.
In 1972, Dunkin Donuts introduced the Dunkin Donuts munchkin which reached instant popularity.
Their original slogan says their goal is to “make and serve the freshest, most delicious coffee and donuts quickly and courteously in modern, well-merchandised stores."
This is something the Dunkin Donuts company says still rings true today with more than 11,000 locations across 41 states and 45 countries.
It has been widely reported that Dunkin Donuts owes its success to its ability to rebrand and appeal to each new demographic of buyers.
In 2019, Dunkin Donuts rebranded to become just Dunkin, saying they strive to be on a "first-name basis" with their customers.
The company opened its first Dunkin popup shop in November 2019 featuring a list of holiday drinks and bites.
Dunkin prioritized innovative technology, moving toward mobile-to-go apps and expanding the menu to include plant-based foods and non-coffee drinks like fruit-flavored iced tea drinks.
And in February 2021, Dunkin appealed to a younger generation by adding avocado toast to the menu and more cold brew coffee options.
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