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NEOSHO, Mo. — For some kids, a shopping trip to buy new clothes is more of a pipedream than an actuality. But that will soon change for some kids in Neosho.
It’s a new project at Neosho Junior High School called “Wildcat Outfitters.” the goal is to give students options for new clothing and more.
“I see daily the struggles and you know, so we have some kids that are wearing the same clothes and as the weather is getting colder and colder, we want to provide those opportunities for them,” said Catie Cummins, Neosho Teacher.
To shop, for free. The store called “Wildcat Outfitters” is still in development, accepting donations of new or gently worn clothing, coats and shoes. They’re also asking for brand new socks and underwear.
“Another aspect of our store that we would like to encourage people to donate or their Wildcat wear nicely, lovingly used Wildcat wear that is going to enable our students to be part of our school too, and to enjoy our black and gold days and just, you know, be part of the bigger picture,” said Tammy Blaylock, Neosho School Counselor.
The store will also offer hygiene products like toothpaste and toothbrushes.
“Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, combs, things of that nature,” said Whitney Wise, Neosho Jr. High Nurse.
Part of the goal of the Wildcat Outfitters project is the experience itself.
“We’ve kind of blocked office space so that it will run as a store. We’ll invite kids in, they can come in, try on things, decide what they want. And then without purchasing there’ll be bagged up just like you would at a store,” said Cummins.
Donations can be dropped off at the junior high during normal school hours. Organizers hope to launch the wildcat outfitters around Thanksgiving time.
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WARSAW, Poland (AP) — Polish authorities said Wednesday that two groups of migrants managed to cross the border from Belarus into Poland but that all the people in the groups were detained.
Poland’s Defense Ministry also accused Belarusian forces of firing shots into the air in a border area where migrants have set up a makeshift camp. The ministry posted a video on Twitterwith noises of what sounded like shots.
TOKYO (AP) — Fumio Kishida was reelected as Japan’s prime minister on Wednesday after his governing party scored a major victory in key parliamentary elections.
Elected just over a month ago by parliament, Kishida called a quick election in which his governing party secured 261 seats in the 465-member lower house — the more powerful of Japan’s two-chamber legislature — enough to maintain a free hand in pushing legislation through parliament.
NEW YORK (AP) — People who trust Fox News Channel and other media outlets that appeal to conservatives are more likely to believe falsehoods about COVID-19 and vaccines than those who primarily go elsewhere for news, a study has found.
While the Kaiser Family Foundation study released this week found the clear ties between news outlets that people trusted and the amount of misinformation they believe, it took no stand on whether those attitudes specifically came from what they saw there.


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