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OnePlus has also announced that it will be releasing a new smartwatch this year.
The firm has sought to reassure consumers by stating that the device would continue to run on OxygenOS, which is OnePlus’ own software based on Android.
Zenfolio, a joint venture between Adobe and Fotolia, will provide photographers and artists with the most comprehensive service offering using SaaS-based solutions.
The merger of the two firms was praised by Format CEO and co-founder Lukas Dryja in a press release, who stated:
“Since creating Format, we have cared deeply about our community and team. Partnering with Zenfolio is a tremendous opportunity for both. The Format community will benefit from Zenfolio’s extensive technology services while Zenfolio customers will have access to world class tools and designs to showcase their work online.”
Format’s acquisition reflects Zenfolio’s three-year effort to rethink the firm, which began in 2015.
Zenfolio also just launched a new cloud-based technology platform that uses AI and machine learning to revolutionize the photography industry.
The firm wants photographers to spend more time shooting and less time behind a computer, so it has developed workflow automation into its products in order to help them manage and expand their businesses.
After the acquisition is complete, Zenfolio and Format will continue to operate in parallel, with each firm maintaining its current staff and subscription base. Format’s headquarters will remain in Toronto, but Zenfolio’s site will shift to Menlo Park, California.
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